Time & Place

We invite you to be our guest at our Sunday Worship Service. Worship is at 11:00 am. Our church is located at 557 Greene Street, Augusta, Georgia 30901.

What to Expect in Worship

Our members are drawn from many different Christian denominations. Thus, you will find that our Sunday worship service is a blending of elements from many Christian traditions. For example:

  • Depending on the time of year, you may see the choir and our pastor wearing robes or simply a worship stole. We end each service with Holy Communion, practices followed by the more liturgical churches.
  • During Communion, we offer a brief prayer of blessing — a practice drawn from less liturgical traditions.
  • We sing both praise/worship choruses and hymns from many different traditions.
  • During hymns or special music some people may clap or lift their hands to God, a practice drawn from traditions that emphasize spirit and celebration.

Although this blended approach may be different from what you’re used to, it is our goal to set aside differences about worship style and tradition and embrace the full range of Christian expression — thus uniting Christians from all different backgrounds!

11050171_918095184899971_9164577576594723405_nYou may want to watch a video of a sermon online which will give you a bit of a taste of what the services are like.

You will find that our sermons are Biblically based. We believe that Scripture is our primary guide for faith and practice, and should be the focus of spiritual instruction.

Come as you are

Casual or dressed up — it’s up to you. We believe that the worship experience is much more important than what we wear. You will find some people in shorts, jeans and tee shirts, and others in shirts with ties. You won’t be out of place whether you decide to dress up or dress down.

Our Denomination

Our church is part of the Metropolitan Community Churches, a denomination founded by the Rev. Troy Perry in 1968 in Los Angeles. The MCC now includes over 200 congregations in the U.S. and 15 countries.